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The recent and future climate of the North West European Shelf Seas on seasonal-to-centennial timescales

The North West European Shelf Seas (NWS) are environmentally, economically and culturally important to the adjacent countries and the wider EU, and are protected by a range of international (e.g. OSPAR), European, national, and local laws. Effective management and protection requires information on the recent and potential future state of the NWS. Observations and model reanalyses help to describe the recent and current climate of the NWS, and models allow predictions and projections of its future on the seasonal-to-centennial timescales.
We invite submissions on the recent and future climate of the NWS, on seasonal to centennial timescales (we consider the recent climate to be within the satellite era). We welcome studies focusing on the hydrodynamic state (temperature, salinity, water column structure, circulation), the biology and biogeochemistry, and the surface conditions (sea-level, surges, and waves). In addition to predictions and projections of the mean state, we are interested in assessments of variability, extremes, uncertainty and methodologies. We also invite submission on adjacent regions, and external mechanisms that affect the NWS, including the Baltic Sea, atmospheric and climatic drivers.

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Convener: Jonathan Tinker | Co-conveners: Matthias Gröger, Moritz Mathis, S.L. Wakelin, Jian su