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Applications and advances in proxies for palaeofire reconstructions



Recent wildland fires and their anticipated response to anthropogenic climate change have created a need to better understand the controls on fire, and to establish baselines for natural versus anthropogenic burning. Fire regime dynamics today can be understood through the lens of records of fire in the past such as charcoal, tree-ring analyses and fire biomarkers. Interpretation of palaeofire proxies requires application in different areas and settings, as well as calibration in the modern day. We invite abstracts that contribute to the understanding of fire regimes in the past as well as how fire regime changes relate to changing anthropogenic land use such as land clearance for agriculture. We also welcome combined records of palaeofire with other fossil records of vegetation, and climate from proxies such as pollen and stable isotope as well as applications of palaeofire records informing ecosystem management plans in the modern day.

Convener: Benjamin KeenanECSECS | Co-conveners: Richard S. VachulaECSECS, Elisabeth Dietze