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Reconstructions of Holocene sea-level changes from high to low latitudes



Risks associated with rising sea levels pose a significant threat to population densities, economies, infrastructure, and ecosystem services that will likely be exacerbated throughout the twenty-first century. Regional and local scale changes in sea level, however, can be greater than 20% from the global mean for approximately one-third of the world’s coastlines. Spatial and temporal variability of Holocene sea level changes are therefore crucial to constrain sea-level driving processes that vary across near-, intermediate-, and far-field locations and important to understand in the context of accurate future projections and uncertainty.
We invite submissions from the sea level community to present their research of past sea levels across a range of proxies and environments from high to low latitudes. Studies that demonstrate the use of sedimentological, biological and archeological indicators including sea-level reconstructions, field and laboratory methods, chronological techniques and advancements, and the use of statistical models in analyzing sea-level datasets are all encouraged.

Convener: Geoff RichardsECSECS | Co-conveners: Timothy Shaw, Jennifer WalkerECSECS, Alisa Baranskaya