Research, services and policy: exploring the role of the hydrologists



The modern scientist has to operate in the Research-Services-Policy nexus to create real-world impact. The challenge is daunting and the opportunities are endless. What is truly the role of a scientist? What is your current position in this nexus? Where would you like to be in the future?

By sharing and discussing how our work is related to hydrological research, services and policy we can gain insight into how we, as a community, are positioned within this nexus. From there, we can identify opportunities and challenges associated with moving into new areas where we want to contribute, both personally and institutionally.

In this synergistic session, we will first use online interactive tools to explore where we, personally and as a group, fit within the Research-Services-Policy nexus. In the second part, we will have roundtable discussions on the visual outcomes of the first activity.

The objectives of this short course are to:
- create awareness of the several roles we can play as hydrologists,
connect over the challenges that come with balancing these different roles and sharing insights,
- identify topics / subjects / actors / issues and potential interlinks between hydrological research, services, and policy,
- and define a group perspective on the issues central in the proposed great debate “Hydrology and Earth System Science: research, services or policy?”

We embrace the “hybrid GA concept” by offering interactive activities using online platforms (survey, mind mapping and art tools) to promote engagement in the discussion regardless of participants’ locations and modes of attendance.
Anyone interested in the sciences, services and policy-making is encouraged to participate. A healthy mix and diversity of participants will greatly improve the experience for all involved.

This is a complementary event to the proposed Great Debate “Hydrology and Earth System Science: research, services or policy?”, and is organised in cooperation with the Young Hydrologic Society (

Co-organized by HS11, co-sponsored by YHS
Convener: Bart van OsnabruggeECSECS | Co-conveners: Louise Arnal, Elena Cristiano, Nilay Dogulu, Epari Ritesh Patro
Thu, 26 May, 15:10–16:40 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62

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