Crowd-solving Problems in Earth sciences


Research, especially for early career scientists (ECS), starts with the spark of an idea and is then often challenged by empirical or methodological road bumps and seemingly dead ends. In Earth Science research, we face a diverse range of challenges, including (1) access difficulties, whether for field sites, equipment or data, (2) problems of temporal and spatial scaling and extrapolation and (3) a lack of methods, theory or knowledge or (4) every day live challenges as a scientist. As part of SC4 we want to address some of those 'problems'. In the discussion of these challenges we seek to find possible solutions, suggest new research approaches and methods, and encourage further networking amongst early career scientists at future international conferences.

We will start the session at this year's hybrid meeting with 2 minute ‘pop-up’ presentations outlining some challenges. These pop-ups are followed by chaired and structured outbreak group discussions. There will be the option to join these discussions both in-person and virtually. To wrap up the session, solutions and suggestions from each group are presented to the whole session in a final discussion. This short course lives by your input, so participants are expected to actively engage to crowd solve the presented challenges. To ensure that people are able to have a safe and open space to share their ideas, we ask you to join for the whole session. You can get an idea of past crowd-solving sessions, both in-person and online, from our 2019 (EGU blog) and 2021 (EGU blog) blog posts, see links below.

If you have a 'problem' you would like to discuss in the networking session with us, please send a short statement (3-4 sentences) of your idea or challenge and your motivation for solving it to us, by March 1st, 2022. We expect a non-hierarchic, respectful and constructive environment for the discussions, which will hopefully encourage the participants to identify and approach problems faced by early-career scientists.

EGU 2019:

vEGU 2021:

Co-organized by BG2/HS11
Convener: Renee van Dongen | Co-conveners: Erin Harvey, Sam Woor, Gerald Raab, Anne Voigtländer, Bastian GrimmECSECS, Stefan HaselbergerECSECS, Lukas DörwaldECSECS
Mon, 23 May, 17:00–18:30 (CEST)
Room -2.85/86