gnssrefl: an open source GNSS reflections software package for measuring snow accumulation and water levels
Co-organized by CR8/G7/GI2/HS11/OS5
Convener: Kristine Larson | Co-conveners: Makan KaregarECSECS, Kelly EnloeECSECS

We have developed an open source software package in python for ground-based GNSS reflections – gnssrefl ( This new software supports geoscientists wishing to measure in situ snow accumulation, permafrost melt, firn density, tides, and lake/river levels. We have developed videos (hosted on youtube) to help new users understand both the basic concepts of GNSS reflections and how to install and run the gnssrefl code. More than a dozen use cases are available online; Jupyter Notebooks have been developed as well. We envision the EGU tutorial session to be hands-on and interactive, with a focus on demonstrating the gnssrefl software and online tools (, examining and discussing environmental results derived from GNSS data taken from public archives, and analyzing new datasets suggested by the students.