Real world application of HEC RAS software to predict water surface elevation for a River.



This short course will prepare the engineer,water resource professionals and scientist to use the HEC-RAS computer program in real world situations.HEC-RAS is user friendly, computationally efficient, and runs within, and fully supports, the Microsoft Windows environment. It uses the latest graphical user interface (GUI) technology for data entry, graphics, and display of program results. Complete context-sensitive help screens are available for every program feature and option. Software includes the following functions: file management, data entry and editing, hydraulic analyses, tabulation and graphical displays of input and output data, reporting facilities, and on-line help.The participants of the course will learn how to compute water surface elevation for different river discharges for steady and unsteady flow conditions.The Geo scientist who knows River water level can compute the river discharge of that time may be thousand of years before. The unsteady flow analysis will help river engineers and participants of nay discipline to know how the flood waters may have passed a specific section. He can run the calibrated and validated model to predict water surface elevation for different scenarios of flow resulted from a river basin. This course will help to know water level of a stream passing through a small campus to large rivers with very high discharges.

Co-organized by HS11
Convener: Sanjaykumar Yadav | Co-conveners: Mohamedmaroof Shaikh, Pallavi PatarotECSECS, Dawei Han
Thu, 26 May, 10:20–11:50 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62

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