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Addressing the challenges of operational flood hydrology by translating research 

Hydrology is a crucial facet of operational flood estimation whether in real-time or non-real-time. However, as highlighted by initiatives including the 23 Unanswered Questions in Hydrology, there are many challenges in hydrology both, today and in the future, and these challenges impact our ability to plan and prepare for flooding.
For operational hydrology this situation can be more acute, with many areas years, if not decades, behind the state-of-the-art science. The translation of the latest scientific understanding and methods into everyday practice faces many barriers and issues that need to be overcome. For example, there has not been a widespread adoption of probabilistic methods to account for uncertainties because of several factors, including the cost of additional infrastructure, actual or perceived lack of skills, or organisational resistance to change.
In the UK, the hydrological community has co-produced a 25-year Roadmap for Flood Hydrology to work together to improve our methods, data collection, ways of working, and scientific understanding. A key area of improvement will be removing barriers and streamlining the translation of scientific developments into operational practice so we are better able to make decisions based on the latest and best science.
This sessions aims to bring together the international community of researchers and practitioners to share: the latest hydrological knowledge that addresses key challenges; best-practice operationally; and, learning around effective translation of research into operational practice for flood hydrology. The session is supported by the Environment Agency and the British Hydrological Society on behalf of the UK 25-year Flood Hydrology Roadmap.

Convener: Christopher Skinner | Co-conveners: Hayley Fowler, Sean Longfield, Louise ArnalECSECS, Rolf HutECSECS