How to Find Funding



Finding funds can be challenging in academia, be it during PhD, or after that. A great proposal or just a great idea does not guarantee success, instead, it involves developing skills and exploring the paths which can lead to securing funds. It involves meticulous steps of evolving idea, proposal development, budget generation, and finally finding funding opportunities. In this course, early-career scientists, and faculty members with a wide range of backgrounds will provide guidance both in the research, and financial aspects of the proposal writing. The course is integrated with open Q&A which will provide participants to ask and seek advice from the experts. This course targets a wide range of audience ranging from graduate students to early-career scientists, but anyone with an interest in finding funds could participate

Co-organized by AS6/PS 12
Convener: Shreya AroraECSECS | Co-conveners: Jenny Turton, Meriel J. Bittner
Tue, 24 May, 08:30–10:00 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62