Landslides, such as rockslides, rockfalls, and debris flows, have been occurring extensively in a large number of countries, typically Asian countries, causing heavy damage. Landslides have been studied in various research fields, such as geomorphology, geology, geophysics, Sabo engineering, geotechnics, but we need a common platform to exchange research results and make discussion to strengthen our activity. This session is such a place and we invite contributions that report and discuss on landslides and related phenomena, focusing on improved understanding of their characteristics; new insights into landslide mechanisms; the development of new approaches to monitoring; novel approaches to behavior forecasting and prediction; studies of successful landslide management; and the development of methods for hazard and risk evaluation.

Conveners: Masahiro Chigira, Gonghui Wang, Fumitoshi Imaizumi

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Tue, 24 May, 02:00–08:15 (CEST)|virtual (JpGU)