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NET – Networking

"The Leadership" – directed by Ili Baré

Film synopsis: "The world is crying out for a new model of leadership, but what is it?" One woman thinks she has the answer. Australian CEO and 'dreamer' Fabian Dattner, leads an international group of 76 female scientists on an Antarctic voyage designed to transform them "into the sort of leaders they want to be." Her hope is that once these women are primed to lead in science, they will be able to make meaningful change around the world. But on board Dattner's own leadership style and philosophy are both severely tested, as the women's deeply personal stories of workplace harassment and more are revealed. Set against the planet’s last untouched wilderness, The Leadership delivers an altogether unexpected and original reflection on what it takes to be a good leader, while unearthing the profoundly troubling systemic obstacles to women's advancement in science and beyond."

Public information:

The EGU programme committee and EDI working group (https://www.egu.eu/structure/committees-and-working-groups/edi/) are delighted to be able to offer all EGU22 participants an opportunity to watch the documentary film 'The Leadership' directed by Ile Baré both online and/or in-person.

The in-person screening will be held at the Austrian Conference Centre in room E1 at 13:20-14:50. Be sure to arrive in good time to obtain your seat for the film screening.

If you cannot make it to the in-person screening don't worry we have also organised a home movie viewing option that will be possible anytime from the morning of Monday 23 May until the morning of Monday 06 June. Please access the film screening during that time period by taking your ticket at https://egu22.eu/about/film_screening_the_leadership.html.

After the film screening the EDI Committee have organised a hybrid Union Symposia that you will not want to miss, including a Homeward Bound Alumni that participated in the leadership experience in Antarctica!

To come along or find more details on how to connect online please follow the link below.

Union Symposia 1 ‘Changing the Faces of Leadership within the Geosciences’: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU22/session/43107

We will also run a pop-up event at the EDI Booth located in the entrance hall close to the E1 conference room after the symposium, where participants can meet and greet a number of the US speakers.

A trailer for the film can be accessed online following this link https://theleadershipfilm.org/

Convener: Lisa Wingate | Co-convener: Peter van der Beek
Thu, 26 May, 13:20–14:50 (CEST)
Room E1
First-time attendee and mentee meet-up (onsite only)

An event for first-time attendees, mentors, and mentees, this event makes space for you to meet other attendees from across multiple disciplines, build your social network, or to just create space for a mentor-mentee meeting. The meet-up is your opportunity to talk science, careers, or just to socialise at the beginning of the conference. The event is unstructured and there for you to stay as long as you wish during the time-slot: you need only to turn up and mingle with others.

Convener: Simon Clark
Mon, 23 May, 12:00–13:00 (CEST)
Business Lounge
ECS networking reception (onsite only)

The ECS networking reception is the opportunity to get to know your peers across all disciplines. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet senior scientists, medalists and awardees, EGU volunteers, committee members, and ECS Representatives. ECS members are welcome to join and engage in conversation for career advice, interesting stories, or just a low-key chat. Attendees must register for this event using the sign-up form prior to the event; please keep an eye on the ECS mailing lists for updates.

Convener: Anita Di Chiara | Co-convener: Simon Clark
Tue, 24 May, 19:00–20:30 (CEST)
Hall A
ECS Forum
Convener: Anita Di Chiara
Thu, 26 May, 17:00–18:30 (CEST)
Room F1
ECS Handover Meeting (by invitation only)
Convener: Anita Di Chiara
Fri, 27 May, 12:00–13:00 (CEST)
Room 0.51
EGU's Teacher-Scientist Pairing Scheme: A Journey to the Arctic Ocean (virtual only)

Join us in this live Teacher-Scientist Pairing Session coordinated by the EGU Education and Outreach Committees to promote geoscience education in schools. The event takes you to Caserta (Italy) to join Teresita Gravina and her school classroom together with Giuliana Panieri, a scientist from the Arctic University of Norway. The teacher and the scientist work together to guide the students in their quest for understanding the Arctic Ocean and the science behind how it is changing. This session is conducted primarily in Italian with live English translation, and is likely to be of interest to anyone interested in science education and outreach. For questions related to this session, please contact the convener.

Convener: Solmaz Mohadjer | Co-convener: Hélder Pereira
Wed, 25 May, 12:00–13:00 (CEST)|virtual