EGU General Assembly 2023
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A multidisciplinary study of the “Bolle della Malvizza” mud volcanoes (southern Italy) 

Carmela Fabozzi1, Stefano Albanese2, Maurizio Ambrosino1, Sabatino Ciarcia1, Domenico Cicchella1, Jacopo Natale2, Ernesto Paolo Prinzi2, Francesco Verrilli1, and Stefano Vitale2
Carmela Fabozzi et al.
  • 1D.S.T., University of Sannio , Benevento, Italy (
  • 2Di.S.T.A.R., University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy

We present a study on the mud volcanoes of Bolle della Malvizza located in the Irpinia sector of the southern Apennines (southern Italy). These structures are hosted in the Upper Cretaceous-Upper Miocene Fortore succession (Lagonegro-Molise Basin) and emit mud and bubbles of methane and CO2. Mud volcanoes are focused in a narrow area of ca. 5000 m2, consisting of eight main emission centres and several minor craters. We approached this research with a multidisciplinary study, including stratigraphic and structural surveys, geophysical and geochemical investigations and morphometric analyses. This study aims to investigate the origin of fluid migration and shed light on the pathways mainly controlled by faults.

How to cite: Fabozzi, C., Albanese, S., Ambrosino, M., Ciarcia, S., Cicchella, D., Natale, J., Prinzi, E. P., Verrilli, F., and Vitale, S.: A multidisciplinary study of the “Bolle della Malvizza” mud volcanoes (southern Italy) , EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 24–28 Apr 2023, EGU23-2648,, 2023.