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Welcome to the EGU General Assembly 2023 call-for-sessions

We hereby invite you, from now until 19 September 2022, to take an active part in organizing the scientific programme of the conference. We call for scientific sessions, Union Symposia, Great Debates, Short Courses, and Townhall Meetings.

Please suggest new sessions, with conveners and a description, within a programme group (PG) by following the blue button "Please select" above. We kindly ask to put your proposal only into the PG that is most closely aligned with the proposed session's subject area and to avoid overlap with sessions that are already proposed.

Points to be considered when suggesting a session, Short Course, or Townhall Meeting

  • Session conveners: as a general guideline we encourage (i) a minimum of two active conveners from multiple countries and institutes, (ii) the inclusion of early career scientists, and (iii) gender diversity. Please check with all conveners that they agree to take part in the proposed session. Please see the convener guidelines and rules for further information.
  • Session programme group (PG): when making suggestions, explore the programme groups and place your proposal only into the PG that is most closely aligned with the proposed session's subject area. Please avoid submitting session proposals that are similar to sessions already suggested. In this case, it is possible to suggest modifications to an earlier session proposal. If the subject area of your proposal is strongly aligned with two or more PGs, co-organization is possible and encouraged between PGs. You will be able to indicate PGs that you believe should be approached for co-organization in the session submission form. Only put your session proposal into one PG.
  • Townhall and Splinter Meetings: from 1 November 2022 until 20 January 2023 you can apply for Townhall Meetings. Townhall Meetings offer an active discussion platform that is open to all interested participants to inform them of new opportunities and initiatives. Rooms for a splinter meeting can be booked for smaller, targeted discussion groups. Splinter Meeting booking is open from 1 November 2022.
  • Session programme building: the programme committee will take into account all suggested sessions and use them to compile the final session programme as the basis for the call-for-abstracts. Then, conveners of approved sessions will be asked to actively promote their sessions and the public will be invited to submit their abstracts. This will be announced by a separate email.
  • Contact: if you have questions about the appropriateness of a specific session topic, please contact the programme group chair and/or the officers of the specific programme group.

Please inform your colleagues about these opportunities. We look forward to receiving your suggestions. Thank you very much in advance.