Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.


Plutonic to volcanic records of deep magmatic processes: integrated studies of magma differentiation at the crustal-mantle boundary level
Convener: Flavia PalummoECSECS | Co-conveners: Barbara Bonechi, Alessandro Fabbrizio, Cristina Perinelli

Chemical differentiation of mantle-derived magmas involves a spectrum of processes (e.g., fractional crystallization, magma mixing and mingling, rock assimilation, melt-rock and melt-crystal mush reactions) that regulate composition, volatile content, physical-chemical properties and mobility of melt. However, understanding the effectiveness of these processes at depths of upper mantle - lower continental crust as well as quantifying their influence during the differentiation, is still a major challenge. Magma transport through upper mantle and lower crust leads to the interaction between magma and wall-rocks, including phenomena such as mantle metasomatism, mineral-melt reaction, mineral dissolution in magma, crustal wall-rock partial melting. Different factors (e.g., pressure, fO2, magma and wall-rock compositions, volatile content in melt) provide a fundamental control on the effects of magma-rock interaction. Moreover, the final rock composition is also influenced by the degree of equilibrium reached between magma and rock-forming minerals, that preserve evidence of equilibrium/disequilibrium in their textures and compositions.
Theoretical, numerical, and laboratory experimental approaches based on natural samples are combined to shed light on this research topic, defining kinetic, thermodynamic and compositional effects of magma-rock interaction at deep levels within the Earth’s crust. This session invites contributions regarding exchange/assimilation reactions between magma and deep crustal rocks, nucleation/growth and reabsorption of crystals, effects of crystallization kinetics on mineral chemistry as well as partitioning of trace elements between crystals and melts during high-pressure interaction processes. We particularly encourage submissions on experimental petrology, thermodynamic and geochemical modelling, as well as on field studies.