SC3.13 | What are Science4Policy competences and why are they crucial for researchers to achieve policy impact


Achieving policy impact requires a distinct set of ‘Science4Policy’ competences. Discover the ‘Science4Policy’ Competence Framework and why it is essential knowledge for researchers and research organisations working at the science-policy interface.

Why join?
Are you a researcher interested in building competences to ensure policy impact? Would you like to do your self-assessment to evaluate your ‘Science4Policy’ competences? Then join us for this interactive workshop, where participants will be introduced to the ‘Science4Policy’ Competence Framework, the possible uses of it (e.g. self-assessment for individuals and teams) and get the opportunity to interact with it in a playful way.

Co-organized by EOS4/CL6/GM12/HS11/NH12/SSP5
Convener: Lene Topp | Co-convener: Chloe Hill
Wed, 26 Apr, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62
Wed, 16:15

Session assets

The oral presentations are given in a hybrid format supported by a Zoom meeting featuring on-site and virtual presentations. The button to access the Zoom meeting appears just before the time block starts.