SC3.12 | Beyond SciComm 101: what is meaningful & ethical communication when it comes to the climate crisis?


How can scientists and governments ensure that their communication resonates more deeply with citizens without resorting to the manipulative tactics used by those who seek to undermine liberal democracy? How can scientific and government actors ensure their communications are equally meaningful and ethical?

This Short Course will combine insights from state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, novel empirical research on values-targeted communication strategies, and a deep understanding of practitioners’ and citizens’ attitudes on these topics. Examples from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre will be used to share practical guidance for scientists who need to successfully navigate the policy world.

Co-organized by EOS1/CL6/NH12/SSP5
Convener: Laura Smillie | Co-conveners: Chloe Hill, Hazel GibsonECSECS
Thu, 27 Apr, 08:30–10:15 (CEST)
Room -2.85/86
Thu, 08:30

Session assets

The oral presentations are given in a hybrid format supported by a Zoom meeting featuring on-site and virtual presentations. The button to access the Zoom meeting appears just before the time block starts.