SC3.14 | How to create spaces for science-policy interaction and dialogue



Science is a key component of the policymaking process as it allows policymakers to more effectively consider their potential options and the consequences of any action or inaction. However, knowing when and how to engage in policy can be challenging! One of the key challenges that scientists face is understanding and overcoming the differences between the science and policy communities and aligning the goals, expectations, and needs and all groups involved. Creating and facilitating activities that bring scientists and policymakers together can help to bridge this gap and promote more consistent interaction and productive cooperation!

This Short Course will provide practical examples from EGU’s Policy Programme - including the Science-Policy Pairing Scheme, Science for Policy Working Group, and Biodiversity Task Force - and explain how these initiatives can be replicated. Participants from the initiatives will be invited to present their experiences and the challenges that they overcame. Please bring questions and some of the challenges that you or your organisation is experiencing so that these can be discussed!

Co-organized by EOS4/CL6/GM12/PS9
Convener: Chloe Hill | Co-conveners: A. Rita Carrasco, Adam Izdebski
Tue, 25 Apr, 10:45–12:30 (CEST)
Room -2.85/86
Tue, 10:45

Session assets

The oral presentations are given in a hybrid format supported by a Zoom meeting featuring on-site and virtual presentations. The button to access the Zoom meeting appears just before the time block starts.


  • Regine Roncucci, EBCD, Belgium