SC3.15 | Harnessing the power of debriefing to enhance your geo-work
Harnessing the power of debriefing to enhance your geo-work
Co-organized by NH12, co-sponsored by IAPG and Future Earth
Convener: David Crookall | Co-conveners: Berill Blair, Pimnutcha PromduangsriECSECS, Pariphat PromduangsriECSECS
Fri, 28 Apr, 10:45–12:30 (CEST)
Room -2.85/86
Fri, 10:45
Most geo-science depends on constructive human interaction, experience and reflection. Debriefing is a methodology that can greatly enhance and clarify human interactions and experience, through structured sharing and reflection. It is commonly used in participatory simulation and learning games. However, many other areas make explicit use of the methodology of debriefing, including natural disasters, geography teaching, underwater diving, social consequences of climate change, Geoethics, geological outings, expeditions, natural resource management simulation, research, publication and so on.

In several professional geo-processes, from learning and research, through planning and expeditions, to meetings and publication, debriefing can be used much more than it is, to enhance important aspects of the work.

This Short Course will be conducted in a workshop format, starting with (a) a short overview of debriefing, followed by (b) a hands-on, small-group debrief session and ending with (c) participants in small groups designing their own prototype debriefing structure adapted to their own situation.

A little preparation before the course will help immensely. Please:
• Skim read, or read relevant parts in more depth if you like. Note that the focus of the document is on simulation, but the principles can be adapted to many areas.
• Think about a recent experience or project that was not entirely satisfactory for you.
• Bring some blank paper and a pen.

Please note that the course is limited to twenty attendees, on a first-come basis.