Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.

AS4 .1 | Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain - Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) in collaboration with AASCO - DBAR/CBAS initiatives

AS4 .1

This session is linked to the Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX;, a multi-disciplinary, -scale and -component climate change, air quality, environment and research infrastructure and capacity building programme. It is aimed at resolving major uncertainties in Earth system science and global sustainability issues concerning the regions in focus - Arctic, Northern Eurasia and China.

This session aims to bring together researchers interested in (i) understanding environmental changes effecting in pristine, urbanized and industrialized high latitude environments (system understanding); (ii) determining relevant environmental, climatic, and other processes in Arctic-boreal regions (process understanding); (iii) the further development of the long-term, continuous and comprehensive ground-based, air/seaborne research infrastructures together with satellite data (observation component); (iv) to develop new datasets and archives of the continuous, comprehensive data flows in a joint manner (data component); (v) to implement validated and harmonized data products in models of appropriate spatio-temporal scales and topical focus (modeling component); (vi) to evaluate impact on society though assessment, scenarios, services, innovations and new technologies (society component).

Convener: Hanna Lappalainen | Co-conveners: Alexander Baklanov, Alexander Mahura, Markku Kulmala