SC3.17 | Meet the editors (2): how to publish and peer-review



Publishing papers is a crucial part of science communication, but it can be daunting. Whether you are working on your first draft, or perfecting your tenth, there can still be uncertainties about what the publishing process has in store. In this short course you will have the opportunity to meet editors of internationally renowned journals in the field of geoscience. After a short introduction of the editors, we will explore various facets of scientific publishing and peer-reviewing, such as:
● What are the duties and roles of editors, authors and reviewers?
● How to choose a suitable journal for your manuscript and what is important for early career authors?
● How can early career scientists get involved in successful peer-reviewing?
● What is important for appropriate peer-reviewing?
● What are ethical aspects and responsibilities of publishing?

In this short course, there will be an opportunity to have an open discussion about how to make your manuscript seamlessly ready for submission and the whole publication and peer-reviewing process. Together with the editors from different journals, we will explore different aspects of publishing and related topics, such as cover letters, and how to get involved in peer-reviewing and editing.

If you are interested in the aspects of writing your manuscript - don’t miss the short course: Meet the
editors (1): how to write and revise your manuscript. Both courses can be listened to independently.

Public information:

The invited editors are:

Naoise Nunan, Geoderma, Elsevier
Heike Langenberg, Communications Earth and Environment, Nature Portfolio
Alberto Montanari, AGU Advances, Wiley

Convener: Sophie F. von Fromm | Co-conveners: Steffen A. SchweizerECSECS, Aayush SrivastavaECSECS, Marcus Schiedung, Rachel OienECSECS
Wed, 26 Apr, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)
Room -2.85/86
Wed, 14:00
The oral presentations are given in a hybrid format supported by a Zoom meeting featuring on-site and virtual presentations. The button to access the Zoom meeting appears just before the time block starts.