SPM1 | VolMIP: Current status and future planning
VolMIP: Current status and future planning
Convener: Claudia Timmreck | Co-conveners: Davide Zanchettin, Myriam Khodri
Tue, 25 Apr, 12:45–15:45 (CEST)
Room 2.97
Tue, 12:45
The Model Intercomparison Project on the climatic response to Volcanic forcing (VolMIP, http://www.volmip.org) is a protocol-driven international initiative focusing on a multi-model assessment of climate models' performance under strong volcanic forcing conditions (Zanchettin et al., 2016).
Its main objective is to assess to what extent responses of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system to the same applied strong volcanic forcing are robustly simulated across state-of-the-art coupled climate models and identify the causes that limit robust simulated behavior, especially differences in their treatment of physical processes.
At the planned meeting, we plan to present an overview of the current status of VolMIP (analysis from CMIP6/VolMIP output, papers in preparation) and aim to discuss with the broader scientific community possible future pathways including new approaches and experiments.