SPM17 | Identifying Gaps in Attribution for the Next UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (by invitation only)


We have conducted a systematic review of detection and attribution literature to inform the Climate Change Committee’s upcoming UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA4).
This covers the detection and attribution of weather and climate changes in the UK, relevant to specific Climate Impact Drivers, as well as societal, infrastructural, economic, and biodiversity impacts associated with these.
We have also identified where there are notable gaps, including those that can and cannot be closed with existing data and/or attribution techniques.
In this meeting, we will discuss the latest literature in this area and welcome attendance of those with expertise across the field of detection and attribution.
This will ensure that we have considered all relevant information and studies in order to present the most up-to-date findings and thus make informed recommendations ahead of CCRA4.

Convener: Dann Mitchell | Co-convener: Regan Mudhar
Tue, 25 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST)
Room 2.83
Tue, 12:45