SPM28 | Quantum Satellite Gravity Mission Requirement Document


The meeting has the scope of collecting the realistic user requirements for a future gravity mission, that uses quantum technology on board the satellite. The gravity satellite is sensitive to fine mass variations, that occur in the atmosphere, on the earth surface or inside earth from the earth surface to the nucleus, due to many different processes. Mass variations and their detection are relevant for instance to hydrology, glaciology, the modeling of tectonic movements and processes and the earthquake cycle, to volcanology and the modeling of mantle fluxes. We will give a short introduction to the expected quantum gravity satellite performances and improvements compared to the satellite GRACE-Follow-On, and then collect the user requirements for the detection of the gravity field in terms of signal sensitivity, and spatial and temporal resolution, as well as applications of satellite gravimetry. The users can formulate their requirements in terms of their own discipline, we will try to translate them in terms of the corresponding gravity field. The replies of the audience will contribute to consolidate the assessment of user requirements for satellite gravimetry.

Convener: Carla Braitenberg | Co-conveners: Annette Eicker, Jürgen Kusche, Christina Strohmenger
Wed, 26 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST)
Room 2.43
Wed, 12:45