TM13 | Open Science Success Stories in the Earth and Space Sciences
Open Science Success Stories in the Earth and Space Sciences
Convener: Cynthia Hall | Co-conveners: Yvonne Ivey, Chelle Gentemann
Tue, 25 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST)
Room 1.61/62
Tue, 19:00
Over the past few years we have learned some valuable lessons as a scientific community: we are stronger together; we must uplift one another in order to achieve scientific progress; and the best solutions are found when we work together. But these lessons will be unable to spread far unless we begin to address the hesitancy in transitioning towards sharing data and results and the lack of applied experience with tools which make open collaboration easier. Transform to Open Science (TOPS) is a new NASA Science Mission Directorate mission designed to spark a cultural shift to collaborative, inclusive science.

Open science increases access to knowledge and expands opportunities for new voices to participate. Sharing the data, code, results, and knowledge associated with the scientific process lowers barriers to entry for historically-underrepresented communities, enables findings to be more easily reproduced, and generates new knowledge at scale. Success, however, depends on all of us working to change the frameworks from which we operate.

Through this townhall, we will showcase success stories in the Earth and space sciences and highlight a range of open science platforms, datasets, and computational tools. Join this townhall for real-world examples of how open science practices have empowered and enabled scientists across disciplines to carry out successful research projects.


  • Cynthia Hall, NASA Headquarters, United States of America