Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.

TM20 | Natural Hazard and Sustainable Development Goals: How Can Science Support the Action - your views and discussion


This Townhall Meeting is aimed at the broader EGU community interested in discussing how science can support action in the context of natural hazards and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We begin by asking participants two broad questions:
(1) What are the scientific challenges you believe are currently facing our understanding of natural hazards?
(2) What three broad step changes should or could be done by natural hazards community to support the implementation of the SDGs?
Examples might include the identification of new research frontiers as well as the identification of existing barriers for translating science into policy and practical outcomes. Answers will be collected electronically and analysed in real-time by facilitators.

We then present results from a 2022 paper published in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences that had 350 natural hazard community members reply as to key challenges in natural hazards research and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants will then be broken up into small breakout groups that each discusses the two questions with a specific emphasis on the changes needed for scientists to better engage with implementing the SDGs.

Finally, each small group will report their breakout discussions to the wider audience, and from this the townhall meeting facilitators will prepare a meeting summary for those who sign up (electronically) to an e-mail list.

We foresee a lively set of views and discussions on challenges facing the natural hazard community and how science can support action in achieving the SDGs in the context of natural hazards.

Convener: Robert Sakic Trogrlic