SPM56 | r.avaflow - Progress and remaining challenges
r.avaflow - Progress and remaining challenges
Convener: Martin Mergili
Thu, 27 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST)
Room 2.43
Thu, 12:45
This meeting will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the latest progress and the remaining challenges with regard to the development of the multi-functional open source GIS simulation model for granular avalanches, debris flows, and cascading landslide processes (r.avaflow). I will particularly focus on new functionalities for the simulation of slide-type processes, layered flows and slow-moving flows as well as on an interface for VR visualization of the simulation results. Everybody interested in the field of mass flow simulation is cordially invited to the meeting. If you are using r.avaflow and would like to give a brief presentation about your work within this splinter meeting, please directly contact the convener. Note that there will be no lunch provided at the meeting.