SPM60 | HYPE: Research collaborations on model sharing and data
HYPE: Research collaborations on model sharing and data
Convener: Emiola Gbobaniyi
Wed, 26 Apr, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)
Room 2.96
Wed, 14:00
A meeting to inform the community on opportunities for scientific collaborations based on the SMHI HYPE models and data; from historical, forecasts to climate projections.

Welcome to this session where we highlight the opportunities for collaborative research on the HYPE hydrological models and applications. We have a host of interesting presentations on current developments, collaborations, results and impacts from the Arctic (Arctic-HYPE), European (E-HYPE) and global models (WWH). 

Also in the line up are invited talks by distinguished research partners from across the globe, who will be sharing their experience on model applications at different scales and domains, analyses from HYPE results, as well as open source community co-development of the model code.

Prof. Martyn Clark (USask) wraps up the presentation sessions with a keynote on "International community of  practice on hydrological modelling" and we are led into a lively discussion session thereafter by Prof. Berit Arheimer (SMHI) with "Opportunities for research collaboration, partner roles and expectations".

We invite you to also join our subsequent session (SPM61) on Thursday 27th April from10:45–12:30 in room 2.42. The hands-on session will introduce users to running the HYPE model and also trying out the open source HYPE-tools suite of applications.

Download the full session agenda under session assets/materials.