NET9 | Geoscience Games Night
Geoscience Games Night
Convener: Christopher Skinner | Co-conveners: Rolf Hut, Elizabeth Lewis, Lisa Gallagher, Maria Elena Orduna Alegria
Wed, 26 Apr, 18:00–19:00 (CEST)
Room -2.31
Wed, 18:00
On-site (also in Foyer D): Join us for an evening of playing geoscience related games! The games night is a low barrier fun evening where you can play boardgames, cardgames, role playing games, computer games and any other games that are somehow tied to the geosciences. The GamesNight is tied to the "Games for Geoscience" scientific session [] and the conveners and presenters of this session will bring a collection of games you can play. We also invite everyone else to bring their own games that they would like to play with others. If you intend to bring a game, please email us at so we can publish a list of games that will be available. Since the GamesNight is in the timeslot where most people start to feel like dinner, we invite everyone joining to bring some shareable snacks that fit well with playing games.

Virtual: Join us in the virtual Games Room of for a hang out and play. Grab your favourite game to play or just join us for informal chat on all things games and geoscience.