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BG8.5 | Stemming the rising tide of biological invasions – from data to solutions
Stemming the rising tide of biological invasions – from data to solutions
Convener: Bernd Lenzner | Co-conveners: Daijun Liu, Lisa Tedeschi
Biological invasions are one major driver of the accelerating biodiversity crisis. The recent landmark assessment on invasive alien species and their control by the World Biodiversity Council IPBES has identified over 37.000 established alien species (i.e., species transported by humans outside their natural range and that have established self-sustaining populations). Of these, over 3.500, i.e., invasive alien species, cause major impacts on biodiversity, nature's contributions to people and good quality of life.
In this session we invite contributions related to 1) the status quo and main drivers; 2) associated multiple ecological, economic and societal impacts; 3) current and future scenarios of biological invasions; and 4) management options and policy. We also explicitly encourage contributions focusing on conceptual ideas, related to data mobilization, new methods or management tools across temporal and spatial scales. By addressing these essential issues, this session will not only improve the understanding of the impacts of biological invasions on biodiversity and human wellbeing, but also contribute to better management of invasive species.