AS3.6 | Polar aerosols and clouds


Polar aerosols and clouds
Convener: Zamin A. Kanji | Co-conveners: Benjamin HeutteECSECS, Ruth PriceECSECS, Jennie L. Thomas

Clouds, aerosols, and aerosol-cloud interactions (ACI) play a key role in polar climate and weather. This session invites contributions on understanding and characterizing polar aerosols, clouds, and ACI using observational and modeling approaches. Focused studies on understanding specific processes and properties controlling polar aerosols and clouds are encouraged as well as studies that quantify their influence on both climate and weather. Contributions on short and long lived climate forcers and climate change interacting with clouds, aerosols, and their interactions at the poles, quantification and understanding climate feedbacks, and coupling between the ocean, ice, snow, terrestrial, and lower latitudes regions for both poles are encouraged.

Topics covered in this session specific to the Arctic and Antarctic regions include, but are not limited to:
- Aerosol sources, lifetime processing, and sinks
- Aerosol-cloud interactions
- Cloud formation and processing
- Cloud phase
- Ice nucleating particles (INP) and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) sources and processes including laboratory studies on aerosol properties
- Influence of lower latitude aerosols on polar aerosols and clouds
- Quantifying the role of aerosols, clouds, and ACI in polar and global climate and weather
- Satellite, remote sensing, and in-situ observations
- Modeling at diverse spatial and time scales from cloud resolving models to global climate/Earth system models