SC3.2 | Elevate your Pitch: Developing Engaging Short Scientific Presentations
Elevate your Pitch: Developing Engaging Short Scientific Presentations
Co-organized by GM13/NH12/PS8
Convener: Antara DasguptaECSECS | Co-conveners: Florian Pappenberger, Christopher Skinner, Louise ArnalECSECS, Hazel GibsonECSECS
Thu, 18 Apr, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62
Thu, 14:00
The scientific communication landscape in the digital era is rapidly becoming all about effectively delivering ideas in brief. As scientific conferences move from longer physical meetings to more condensed hybrid formats, not only are short presentations necessary for pitching yourself to senior scientists or your next entrepreneurial venture to Venture Capitalists, but also for promoting your research. The opportunities of networking rarely reveal themselves, unless you are able to tell a brief, informative, and compelling story about you and your research.
It is truly an art to engage people through these short presentations and ignite a fire in their hearts, which will burn long enough for them to remember you and reach out to you later about relevant opportunities. While practice makes perfect is the mantra for delivering power-packed short presentations, there are several tricks to make your content stand out and set yourself apart from the crowd.
In this hybrid format course, we will bring together ideas and tips from years of sci-comm experience to provide you a one stop shop with the tricks of the trade. Finally, a hands-on exercise where participants will receive structured feedback on all aspects of their talk will help solidify the learning outcomes. The learning objectives of this short course are as follows:
Structuring a killer elevator pitch – learning from 1/2/3-min examples
Knowing your audience – harnessing the power of tailored openings/closings
Captivating delivery – leveraging body language to your advantage
Harnessing creativity - choosing the right medium
Enunciating to engage – communicating across borders
Effectively practising your pitch – making the best of your time
Early career and underrepresented scientists are particularly encouraged to participate as they can gain the most from the learning outcomes of this short course.


Icebreaker and Power Poses 14:00-14:10

Introduction Panel 14:10-14:30

1-min Pitch Practise 14:30-15:00

Ace the 3-min Thesis 15:00-15:30

Closing 15:30-15:45

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