SC3.3 | Scared of giving presentations to a (geo-)scientific audience?
Scared of giving presentations to a (geo-)scientific audience?
Co-organized by GM13
Convener: Öykü KoçECSECS | Co-conveners: Saioa A. CampuzanoECSECS, Selina KieferECSECS, Eleanna AsvestariECSECS, Anita Di Chiara
Mon, 15 Apr, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)
Room -2.85/86
Mon, 14:00
Finally, the time has come to present your scientific work, maybe at a big conference like the EGU General Assembly. Congratulations, you made it! It is a great opportunity to gain more experience in how to summarise your work and talk to a scientific audience. Especially if you are an early-career-scientist, you will get some visibility and some feedback on your research!

But instead of being super happy, you feel fear? Fear of giving a presentation?

We are here to remind you that you are not alone, and there might be a solution to this! This short course deals with the various reasons and symptoms of stage fright and how they can be overcome. Scientists will share their experiences and what has helped them to deal with their fear of presenting. There will be practical tips and room for questions as well as exchange of experiences.

This short course is offered by the Life-Work-Balance Group.

This year, we're exploring a fresh angle: science communication. While the stage is set for scientific discourse, effective communication is key. Meet our speakers, Dr. Simon Clark and Dr. Heather Handley, seasoned communicators, sharing insights!

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  • Simon Clark, United Kingdom
  • Heather Handley, University of Twente, Netherlands