SC5.10 | Best Practices for Global Analysis of Water Cycle Components: Connecting-the-Dots
Best Practices for Global Analysis of Water Cycle Components: Connecting-the-Dots
Convener: Debasish Mishra | Co-conveners: Sanaa Hobeichi, Joana Reuss, Matthias Bittner
Thu, 18 Apr, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62
Thu, 16:15
Are you starting a project focused on the terrestrial water cycle but find yourself uncertain about the most suitable dataset for your specific application? Alternatively, have you already selected a dataset but seek guidance on effective methods for data processing?

This workshop has been particularly crafted to empower graduate students and early career researchers within the realm of surface hydrology and its related domains. It aims to equip participants with the requisite proficiencies and insights essential for making well-informed decisions pertaining to (a) dataset selection and (b) processing for research endeavors centered around the terrestrial water cycle.

The broad objectives of the workshop include:
1. Providing an overview of available data sources, e.g., flux towers, remote sensing, reanalysis, modeling, and more.
2. Discussing the pros and cons of each dataset considering robustness, temporal and spatial resolution, coverage, and appropriateness for various applications.
3. Outlining a typical pipeline for optimizing the utility of this data, highlighting tools for data acquisition, pre-processing, post-processing, and visualization, utilizing specialized software packages as well as machine learning techniques.

Finally, the workshop at last will delineate a standard pipeline on “Understanding the Data. through visualization”, facilitated through a demo on toy data.

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