SC5.18 | Learning how to use the EPOS Data Portal: harnessing cross-disciplinary research
Learning how to use the EPOS Data Portal: harnessing cross-disciplinary research
Co-organized by ESSI6/NH12
Convener: Jan Michalek | Co-conveners: Federica Tanlongo, VASCO AVRAMO

In April 2023, EPOS, the European Plate Observing System launched the EPOS Data Portal
(, which provides access to multidisciplinary data, data products, services and software from solid Earth science domain. Currently, ten thematic communities provide input to the EPOS Data Portal through services (APIs): Anthropogenic Hazards, Geological Information and Modelling, Geomagnetic Observations, GNSS Data and Products, Multi-Scale Laboratories, Near Fault Observatories, Satellite
Data, Seismology, Tsunami and Volcano Observations.
The EPOS Data Portal enables search and discovery of assets thanks to metadata and visualisation in map, table or graph views, including download of the assets, with the objective to enable multi-, inter- transdisciplinary research by following FAIR principles.

This short course will provide introduction to the EPOS ecosystem, demonstration of the EPOS Data Portal and hands-on training by following a scientific use case using the online portal. It is expected that participants have scientific background in one or more scientific domains listed above.
The training especially targets young researchers and all those who need to combine multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary data in their research. The use of the EPOS data Portal will simplify data search for Early Career Scientists and potentially help them in accelerating their career development.
Feedback from participants will be collected and used for further improvements of the Data Portal.