SC6.5 | Analyzing transient landscapes using TopoToolbox
Analyzing transient landscapes using TopoToolbox
Co-organized by ESSI6/GM13
Convener: Wolfgang Schwanghart | Co-convener: Dirk Scherler
Mon, 15 Apr, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)
Room -2.61/62
Mon, 16:15
Inferring climatic and tectonic processes from digital elevation models (DEMs) largely relies on the assumption that landscapes are in a steady state. However, transient landscapes, i.e., landscapes that undergo an adjustment to changing boundary conditions, contain information on geomorphic processes that - in combination with geomorphic transport laws - can be interrogated with digital terrain analysis and (spatial) statistics. This short course enables participants to learn methods and techniques implemented in TopoToolbox ( to objectively infer rates of fluvial incision, knickpoint migration and divide migration in landscapes that experienced perturbations such as sudden changes in baselevel (e.g. by fault movements or sea level changes). Thereby, emphasis will we placed on parameter estimation, uncertainty propagation and quantification. Basic programming skills in MATLAB and experience with TopoToolbox are advantageous, but not strictly required.

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