Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.
ITS5.15/GM1.6 | Transformations of Mountain Landscapes: Opportunities and Threats
Transformations of Mountain Landscapes: Opportunities and Threats
Convener: Neslihan Dal | Co-conveners: Fausto O. Sarmiento, Pankaj Kumar
Mountains, with their geometric features, are a landform that unites different networks of life with fixed yet dynamic internal cycles. The multidimensional effects they create make them a web of life where everything in the geosphere is interconnected. For this reason, mountains are a unique natural environment where various geographical elements and phenomena can be modeled. The diversity of mountain environments has complex impacts on both natural ecosystems and societies. At the same time, the sensitivity of diversity can make mountain ecosystems vulnerable to threats. The power of verticality and the impacts of changes in the orobiome are multidimensional and not just a matter of the natural environment. Therefore, it is necessary to understand mountain environments and look at the opportunities and threats in these areas from a broad perspective. In this respect, we believe that mountain and mountainous areas within its interaction area should be handled with inter and transdisciplinary approaches. Such an approach in mountainous areas is possible with montology. In this session, we emphasize that geospatial information should be studied with a transdisciplinary strategy with a montological perspective. Therefore, the session is of interest in mountain research as it shows the multidimensional interaction of mountain environments. Understanding the present and future impacts of these effects, which are not unilateral, will be possible by combining different methodologies. The synergy created by such a methodology will pave the way for new approaches in mountain research. In this respect, the interdisciplinary links to be established in this session are important in terms of bringing an innovative approach to problems and opportunities.

Keywords: Mountain ecosystems, Montology, Natural disasters and mountain areas, Mountain communities and threats