SPM21 | Pitching your research to a policymaker
Pitching your research to a policymaker
Convener: Chloe Hill | Co-conveners: Adam Izdebski, Mario Scharfbillig

Understanding the aspects of your research and expertise that are relevant and of interest to policymakers is a key component of engaging in the policymaking process. This session will give you the opportunity to present the key aspects of your research to a panel of policymakers and those working on the science-policy interface! The panel will then give their feedback and provide insights on areas that you can improve on when discussing your research with policymakers in the future. This will not only allow you to develop your science-policy presentation and communication skills but also highlight areas that you can consider including to ensure that your research resonates with the policy community moving forward! The panel will also provide feedback on the policy areas in which they believe your research could be relevant, including current and upcoming policies.

The panel will assess up to eight scientists during this session. Timeslots will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can submit your topic for consideration here: https://www.egu.eu/forms/Pitching4Policy/