SPM40 | Geological knowledge for EU: just a click away
Geological knowledge for EU: just a click away
Convener: Claudia Delfini | Co-convener: Gabriele Leoni
Wed, 17 Apr, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)
Room 2.96
Wed, 16:15
The Geological Service for Europe Project (https://www.geologicalservice.eu/) aims to establish a sustainable organisation (GSE) from 2027 that will provide European institutions, academia, research organisations, national and regional policymakers, industry and citizens with up-to-date, high-quality EU/national level aggregated geoscientific information and advice about sustainable use and management of the subsurface.
The data core of the GSE is and will be the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI). EGDI provides access to Pan-European and national geological datasets, tools, trainings and services from the Geological Survey Organisations of Europe.
EGDI gives access to more than 800 map layers as well as a large number of documents (reports, images, spreadsheets, etc.). The layers can be shown on maps and all the information can be searched in a free text search system.
During the GSEU Project, new components will be implemented and developed in EGDI to meet the needs of scientific users and support research in the areas of expertise for decision support, visualisation, Big Data approaches and the enhancement of a comprehensive Linked Data knowledge base.
Moreover, the IT infrastructure will be consolidated and made highly scalable. The improvement of the existing repositories, search system and semantic web technologies will facilitate the transition to a knowledge infrastructure.
In this splinter session, a core group of GSEU and EGDI professionals will present the newest developments of the EGDI platform and will actively engage with the session’s attendees via use cases and feedback sessions to collect precious feedback to further tailor the features of the EGDI platform to the needs of current and future users.