SPM42 | Pathways to impact: Research Infrastructures role in knowledge translation
Pathways to impact: Research Infrastructures role in knowledge translation
Convener: Federica Tanlongo | Co-conveners: Jo Condon, Otto Lange
Tue, 16 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST)
Room 2.96
Tue, 12:45
The process of transforming research outputs into policy and practice outcomes is described using various terms influenced by factors such as geography, time, domain, trends, and personal preferences. Research translation, knowledge translation, research utilization, knowledge transfer, and knowledge-to-action, among others, are some of these keywords. Regardless of the word choice, there is a growing global interest in this paradigm across diverse disciplines. The reason for this is the widespread acknowledgment that the conventional steps of knowledge creation (primary research), knowledge distillation (systematic reviews and guidelines), and knowledge dissemination (journal publications and presentations) fall short in ensuring that users beyond academia in industry, government and community can effectively leverage scientific knowledge for demonstrable real-world changes. This is especially important now as the world races to achieve just and timely decarbonisation and sustainabl e development.

Whilst knowledge translation practices focus primarily on the gap between research outputs and outcomes, gaps between evidence and decision-making exist at every stage of the research and development pipeline, spanning research infrastructure to long-term positive impacts for societies, environments and economies. In this meeting, we will share knowledge translation initiatives undertaken within research infrastructures AuScope (in the Australian context) and EPOS (in the European context), who support diverse users in academia, industry, government and community across those continents, respectively. We invite you, as a member of the global research and user community, to join us in exploring gaps in research innovation ecosystems around the world, and creative ways that we can work together to overcome them.

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