SPM64 | WCRP RIfS SSG & CORDEX SAT Meet & Greet (by invitation only)
WCRP RIfS SSG & CORDEX SAT Meet & Greet (by invitation only)
Convener: Naomi Goldenson | Co-convener: Irene Lake
Tue, 16 Apr, 10:45–12:30 (CEST)
Room 2.42
Tue, 10:45
This splinter meeting is for members of the WCRP Regional Information for Society (RIfS) Scientific Steering Group, and the CORDEX Science Advisory Team who are present at EGU to share information, brainstorm, and consider opportunities to integrate activities with aligned purpose. RIfS is a relatively new project that is still being structured, and CORDEX is a well-established effort with a long history and the largest network under the RIfS umbrella. This will be an opportunity to co-produce some potential next steps and align on vision and ways of structuring collaborations across themes. In particular we wish to coordinate on themes that have broader reach than the individual CORDEX regions. We will briefly summarize some of the activities that are planned this year. We also will brainstorm ways to incorporate the experiences from across the CORDEX regions with other efforts to produce regional information for society. For example, we may discuss ways to piggyback additional elem ents on existing CORDEX activities, or develop activities that address common barriers and challenges across different regions. This is an open discussion for these committee members to bring up anything of interest, and also to get to know one-another better. Other WCRP project leads are welcome to attend.