SPM73 | ESA CCI Soil Moisture community workshop
ESA CCI Soil Moisture community workshop
Convener: Wouter Dorigo | Co-conveners: Pietro StradiottiECSECS, Thomas Frederikse, Martin Hirschi, Nemesio Rodriguez-Fernandez
Wed, 17 Apr, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)
Room 2.97
Wed, 14:00
The ESA's Climate Change Initiative for Soil Moisture data record is reaching in Spring 2024 its 9th version, providing a wealth of satellite based observations spanning over 4 decades aimed at improving our Climate System understanding.

This workshop wants to bring together the product development team and its user base, with the goal of shaping new product specifications tailored to the needs of the climate community.

The workshop participants will have a chance to learn more about the ESA CCI SM products---including their latest development and applications---, to provide guided feedback during the interactive session, and to participate in the open community discussion.

Join us if you have experience with the initiative and would like to contribute, or if you wish to use or simply improve your understanding of the data!