SPM83 | Near-term (annual to decadal) forecasts of water availability (IAHS-HELPING-Theme 2 WG)
Near-term (annual to decadal) forecasts of water availability (IAHS-HELPING-Theme 2 WG)
Convener: Kristian Förster
Mon, 15 Apr, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)
Room 2.42
Mon, 14:00
There is still a gap in quantifying future water availability when considering (weather) forecasting on one hand side and climate projections on the other. Apart from (sub-s)seasonal predictions, near-term (annual to decadal) climate predictions might help to shed light on a period that is relevant for decision-making. This, however, also requires the involvement of local stakeholders to figure out what needs they have and how to best possibly communicate uncertainties involved in this kind of predictions.

This splinter meeting brings together people interested in the working group "Near-term (annual to decadal) forecasts of water availability" (which is part of Theme 2: Holistic Solutions for water in the framework of the IAHS HELPING initiative). The main idea of this session is to give any interested person the chance to get in touch with this working group just to get informed or to actively participate in its activities like plans on papers or project joined applications.