Ecology and biogeochemistry of organic-carbon-rich soils in a changing world
Convener: Claudio Zaccone  | Co-convener: Luca Bragazza 
 / Wed, 24 Sep, 15:30–17:00  / Room A
 / Attendance Wed, 24 Sep, 17:00–19:00  / Display Wed, 24 Sep, 08:30–19:00  / Foyer

Soil organic carbon plays an important role in carbon cycle and so in the soil-atmosphere feedbacks. A better understanding of the response of soil organic matter to environmental changes is then crucial to predict the future level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In this session, we welcome scientific contributions covering the ecology and biogeochemistry of organic soils in response to the main drivers of global environmental change such as climate warming, land use change, alteration of precipitation chemistry, fire events. Topics can be related to the structure and function of the biotic communities, gas fluxes, nutrient cycling, aboveground-belowground interactions. We welcome contributions at all scales, including controlled lab experiments, field studies and models.