Critical raw materials for Europe
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 03 Sep, 15:15–16:30  / Room H 4
 / Tue, 04 Sep, 09:45–10:45  / Room H 4
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 04 Sep, 17:00–18:30  / Poster Area

Fourteen raw materials were identified by the EC as critical on the basis of possible supply risks and their strategic importance for emerging and key technologies. These include metals (Be, Mg, Co, Ga, Ge, Nb, In, Sb, Ta, W, REE, PGE) as well as industrial minerals (graphite, fluorite), which occur as main or by-products in various types of ore deposits. This session invites contributions dealing with mineralogical and geochemical aspects of these commodities along the mineral raw material cycle ranging from ore geology and mineralogy, geochemistry, exploration, mineral processing, geometallurgy to certification of raw materials trade chains (analytical fingerprinting), mineral economics, recycling and environmental issues. Special emphasis will be given to research focussed on ore-forming processes and the mineralogy of trace elements in ores.