Boundary-layer physics and parameterizations in weather and climate forecast
Convener: S. Zilitinkevich | Co-Convener: A. Petrosyan 

This session focuses on the nature, theory and parameterization of boundary layer processes relevant to weather-prediction and climate modelling. It aims at bridging the gap between the currently used parameterizations and modern demands from the new-generation, high resolution models.
Main topics:
- Nature and theory of turbulent boundary layers in the atmosphere and the ocean
- Large-eddy simulation of turbulent boundary layers
- Modelling of boundary-layer type flows (sea breezes, katabatic winds, internal boundary layers, etc.) and parameterization of the sub-grid scale flows in GCMs
- Calculation of the near-surface turbulent fluxes: verification, comparison, and testing of schemes currently used in GCMs; prospects for their improvement over land and water
- Boundary-layer clouds and marine, cloud toped boundary layers within atmospheric GCMs
- Atmospheric boundary layers over heterogeneous terrain, archipelago and coastal zones: flux aggregation problem
- Weather and climate phenomena essentially dependent on the interactions between the atmosphere and underlying land/sea/ice surface.