Large scale air-sea and land-atmosphere interaction processes and their influence on the European and Mediterranean regional climate
Convener: S. Gualdi  | Co-Conveners: S. Somot , W. May 

Large-scale feedback processes between atmosphere and ocean and atmosphere and land play a key role in the climate system of the European and Mediterranean climate, and they may be of paramount importance in determining the characteristics of the climate change signal in this region.

Therefore, in order to increase the level of confidence in the detection, attribution and prediction of the regional features of climate change in the Euro-Mediterranean area a more comprehensive understanding of the feedback mechanisms between the large-scale air-sea and atmosphere-land is required.

This session is dedicated to the research works exploring the possible mechanisms through which the large-scale air-sea and atmosphere-land interactions may affect the climate system, with a special focus on the European and Mediterranean region. Papers investigating the interactions between global climate, climate change and the regional coupled atmosphere-ocean process; exploring the role of the Mediterranean Sea as a source of heat and moisture for the surrounding regions; assessing the role of the feedbacks between large-scale atmospheric circulation, precipitation, land-surface fluxes and temperature on the possible patterns of climate change are warmly invited.

The session acts as a workshop organised by Research Line 2 (RL2) of the EU FP6 project CIRCE.