Air-sea interactions and coastal meteorology
Convener: A. M. Sempreviva  | Co-Conveners: M. M. Miglietta , S.-E. Gryning , L. L. Sørensen 

This session will focus on processes controlling fluxes of momentum, energy, heat, moisture, sea spray, CO2 and other gases at the air-sea interface over ocean, in coastal zones and lakes; fluxes determination from in-situ measurements and remote sensing techniques and their parameterizations in models. Applications to wind energy are welcome.

Of particular interest are experimental and modelling studies on:
• the effect of air-sea interaction on the development of mesoscale features e.g. sea-breezes, cyclogenesis etc,
• the interplay of processes at different vertical and horizontal scales;
• the effect of sea spray on the exchange mechanisms in the marine surface layer and in the intensification of hurricanes and tropical cyclones;
• the physical processes controlling air-sea exchange of CO2, the effect of atmospheric and sea waves into the marine boundary layer; and
• patterns of the wind field and wind profiles over the sea.

Sollicited Speaker

Dr. Anna Rutgersson
Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, SE

"How should air-sea interaction processes be introduced in models?"