Harry Otten Prize: Presentations by finalists
Convener: D. Schulze 
 / Tue, 10 Sep, 16:30–18:05  / Room 102

A substantial part of the national gross product in many countries is weather dependent. National weather services and the private sector have been innovative for more than a century to make better use of our meteorological knowledge. However, large gains are still to be made and the prize encourages individuals and groups to come with ideas how meteorology in a practical way can further move society forward. Meteorology can make society safer, can deliver costs savings and can bring more welfare to large groups of people.

Applications for the 2013 Harry Otten Prize were possible until March. The jury has selected three finalists who will give a presentation at the EMS Annual Meeting explaining their ideas. The prize winner will be announced in the Awards Session on Wednesday and Harry Otten, who is not part of the jury, will present the prize to the winners.

For details on the finalists, please see www.ems2013.net/HOP_EMS-A4_print-col.pdf