Formulation, validation and parameterization of small-scale processes in atmospheric modelling
Convener: Gert-Jan Steeneveld  | Co-Conveners: Bert Holtslag , Matteo Zampieri 
 / Thu, 09 Oct, 08:30–13:00  / Room Leo + Virgo

Small-scale atmospheric physical processes on a broad range of time and spatial scales (from local turbulence to mesoscale processes) have a strong influence on weather and climate. The nature and interactions of these processes should be well-understood and represented on the different scales to enable accurate and skilled weather forecasting, as well as reliable climate simulation and scenario studies. Additionally, the increased resolution of NWP and climate models is setting new requirements to parameterization schemes and data availability as model inputs or for validation.

This session aims to cover research into the understanding of small-scale processes, their role, their interactions and finally their implementation in models. Furthermore, experimental validation and modelling of local circulations can be discussed.

Papers dealing with the following topics (but not exclusively) are invited:
• The general problem of parameterizing small-scale physical processes
• Representation of boundary layers in atmospheric models
• Sensitivity of models to the description of land-surface heterogeneity and land-surface interactions (including flux aggregation)
• Orographic effects: form drag, wave drag and flow blocking, gravity waves
• Limited Area Modelling, and observation network issues
• Interactions between local/mesoscale circulations and larger scale patterns
• Validation of surface exchange processes for various types of terrain
• Large Eddy Simulation, observational analysis, and parameterization of shallow and deep convection.
• The sensitivity of small scale processes to the land surface properties and the impact on the atmospheric circulation