Media and Communication
Convener: Tanja Cegnar 
 / Tue, 07 Oct, 08:30–13:00  / Room Taurus
 / Attendance Tue, 07 Oct, 10:30–11:30  / Display Mon, 06 Oct, 09:00–Wed, 08 Oct, 13:00  / Meridian Right Back
Media session will cover the following topics:
• TV weather forecasts including video clips
• media and climate change issue
• ways to present climatological information in an appealing way for the media and general public
• warnings in case of severe weather events, role of different media in the warning system, a single voice concept
• internet as efficient and popular media in meteorology
• monthly meteorological bulletins and annals
• radio as a traditional media for delivering weather data and forecasts
• development of new communication strategies and use of social media
• tips on how to interact with users and journalists
• perception of provided information among users
• use of new technologies
• role of press officers within the National weather services
• role of science journals and publishers